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Hilo Iii: what the hell did i just watch

Im A Thing: I uh... I think the voice lines are given to the wrong characters

O0Megad0Ng: i'm pretty sure in the episode they switched minds

Tonguemyasshole: In the actual episode they were dealing with a "puppet master" so robin , beast boy , and cyborg where puppets but the girls got stuck in wrong bodies so its correct

Xhz5: There is no way that you are 18+ if you couldn't figure that out from what they were saying

Mar5852: The song

Dig Big2: Can’t believe I just fapped to this

Ainnn Nobruzera Apelaaoo: Jovens Titãs tá diferente KAKAKA

Porraaaaaaaaahh: E isso que acontece quando vc deixa só estagiários animando

Matheusassisc: oxi ravena comendo o estelar kkkkkkkkkk eu adoro sexo da xvideos

Kf Jedbdufkfhfkfyfyvri: A ta bueno

Anonimatah1: bora goza

Comete Mi Pollad: Ya me cree una cuenta

Crowblackrlz: XDDDDDDDDDDD

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